IP 4 SMEs in numbers

Duration 29 months (End of July 2014)

Partners 12 (7 from Italy – 5 from Slovenia;)

Nearly 200 companies involved

5 Services developed

10 Operators upgraded

Training Events 6 (1 per service and 1 transversal)

Technology Brokerage Agents 6 (3 Italians and 3 Slovenian)

Promotional:  11 workshop + 12 events

The project target is the company and the network of enterprises. For the pilot action, the project involves companies from ICT and Construction engineering ; moreover, OEM and components sectors will be selected or others sectors with high Intellectual Property potential will be considered too. Also the project activities are directed to the public actors involved in the Intellectual Property Services and information (Chamber of Commerce, Innovation Agency, Research Bodies, Patlib). If the goal is both to strengthen the link between the world of research with the market and businesses through a greater use of the intellectual property instruments and to consolidate a network of cross-border operational and effective, the achievements of the project are: 1. after having identified and analyzed national and regional tools available to businesses, having assessed the impact, in terms of results, on medium and long term in the areas of project, the project identifies the 5 tools that can be shared by all partnership and object of experimentation. These tools, which may be training modules, templates, flow chart, decision-making diagrams specific business case, however, will be adapted and tested taking into account local specificities. 2. the analysis and collection of instruments measured in their effectiveness (impact) will establish a joint database. In this way, cross-border cooperation will be enhanced and shared. 3. The KMS platform which will be developed, will not only host the tools and experiences collected as yet gained at the local level, but also training modules that will be able to update the operators involved in pilot actions. These training modules are provided at three levels and they will be directed both to operators of Chambers of Commerce (who have expertise on the subject) and to experts trained to become "agents for technological brokerage". It is envisaged the formation of 5 agents, 3 in Italy and 2 in Slovenia, which will create a network ready to expand and implement the second part of the pilot actions. 4. pilot actions foreseen on two levels, they will see a first step of animation and dissemination of IP knowledge involving 170 companies with reference to identified sectors (10 workshops provided); a second step, more specifically, with reference to 3 models elaborated (development of new innovative enterprises; Strengthening of companies or networks of innovative technology-based companies; Use of technology transfer in logic Open Innovation) will seek to complete at least 6 complete IP asset transactions between Italy and Slovenia. The activities undertaken with the project will be evaluated, in order to verify its effectiveness according to international standards. 5. the project is also aimed at increasing the business culture regarding IP: in this respect, a strong information campaign, widespread and capillary, will substantially contribute to this aim.